Improved skin hydration and elasticity


Improved skin brightness and clarity


Improved skin fairness and even-tone

*Based on a study of 35 women taking Bioshield™Radiance Complex twice daily over a 3 month period.

Made in Australia in a TGA, cGMP pharmaceutical facility, Bioshield™ Radiance Complex is manufactured under the strictest quality standards and complies with international manufacturing and health requirements of PIC/S countries. Australia TGA is regarded as the most stringent therapeutic manufacturing standard in the world.
Most of us look towards topical skincare to achieve our quest for beautiful skin. However, most topical products offer short term fixes if they work. Aging process starts at a cellular level. An effective solution needs to be able to effect change at the cellular level.

Skinutrix believes the secret to long lasting, beautiful and youthful skin is looking after your skin from the inside out.

Across the globe, there are many that view white, fair and clear skin as a symbol of beauty for cultural and traditional reasons. The increased awareness of the impacts of pollution and sun damage to the skin heighten consumers’ concerns, driving the demand for high antioxidant products.

Evidence shows that one of the best measures against sun damage may lie in building up the skin’s own defence mechanisms. By ingesting products high in essential phytonutrients, the skin shores up endogenous supplies of light-fighting antioxidants to protect itself.

These antioxidants are structured to preferentially absorb harmful UV wavelengths, and to assist the skin to fight against environmental damage.

Since turning 40 and having her second child, the founder Laurel Torbet had noticed changes to her skin. Skin is drier, wrinkles more prominent but most noticeable are the pigmentation on her skin and the uneven skin tone.

Being in the beauty industry for nearly 2 decades, she had naturally turned to face creams to address these issues. It took a while before seeing visible results. It was then that she understood the meaning “Beauty is only skin deep”.

Topical products can only help treat the symptoms but not the causes and that aging process starts at a cellular level. An effective solution needs to be able to effect change at the cellular level.

Laurel started exploring the concept of beauty-from-within. Taking inspiration from stem cells technology that was taking the skincare market by storm, she began working with Dr Joel Osorio (also known as Dr Jois) to develop a nutritional beauty supplement from tomato stem cells to help with skin cell regeneration to deliver beauty from the inside out. Dr Jois is the VP of a biotech company well known for their R&D on stem cells for reprogramming, rejuvenation and regenerative purposes.

After years of research and trials, Skinutrix BioShield™ Radiance Complex was launched in 2018.