Great product! I take my 2 soft gels in the morning with my breakfast instead of the suggested lunch as I find this suits my lifestyle more. After 8 weeks, not only does it give my skin a healthy radiance, it also faded some of my acne marks. I don’t remember my skin looking this good! It’s not cheap but I reckon for the cost of a coffee a day, it’s totally worth it. Marianne T, 43, Melbourne

I asked a friend from Melbourne to buy this product for me after I saw how good her skin has become. She told me she was selected to trial Skinutrix BioShield Radiance for 3 months and the result was quite incredible. I had been taking a certain whitening brand from Singapore but didn’t see much result so I’d decided to try this brand since it cost about the same price. I’m just starting on my second bottle and can notice how my skin’s texture and appearance have improved. My pigments have faded in colour, my rosacea has improved, pores on my skin seem smaller and my skin has a healthy radiance. I am very happy with the result.

M.E Oh, Singapore

I’ve been taking Skinutrix BioShield Radiance Complex for 6 weeks now and my skin has improved a lot, much to my surprise! I was not expecting a big difference as the recommended course of usage is 3 months. I noticed my skin getting softer, more hydrated and has a radiant glow. My skin tone has become fairer ( I can’t believe in just 6 weeks!) and I have to use a foundation colour that is 1 shade lighter than my usual. I can’t wait to see the result at the end of 3 months! Natalie, 34, Singapore

Saw this product on Instagram and was curious. I messaged the company and asked if this is a whitening supplement as I don’t want to be whiter, I just want better skin. I suffered from Dermatitis and my skin has marks/scars and is very dry. They told me that BioShield Radiance Complex should help to improve the skin health and reduce the darkness of the marks. I was recommended to take the product for 3 months to see visible results. I have just finished my first bottle. My skin is much softer and supple, not as dry. And I can see that my marks are starting to fade as well. I’m very happy with the result so far and will continue taking it. Annie, 37, Melbourne

Was recommended to take this after I lasered my moles. After 1 month, the marks from my moles have almost all disappeared and my pigmentation also getting less obvious. It works for me. Highly recommended. Genevieve, Singapore

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